Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time Really Flies horh?

Exams over~!!!
Hence, spent 5 Days in KL~ ^_^

~Hello Kuala Lumpur~

Day 1:

Met up with ~B~,

then Edan...

Shopped at Pavilion

Went for Ip Man 2. I think it’s a lot nicer than Ironman... Ironman is just lack of action pack and kinda expected with the typical storyline, i guess.

Then, James, Edan and I then headed to TGI Fridays for dinner...

At TGI with Edan and James

Day 2:

Went to Batu Caves since ~B~ was so eager to visit

Thanks to Edan for bringing us around
A lot of photos been snapped there

Batu Caves (we did climb all the way up the staircase)
Was so steep that i felt like falling down the 200+ steps.. =.=

After the exhaustion, we had lunch at Madam Kwan’s before meeting up with Daren, the long-time-no-gossip-buddy

Had Nando’s at Mid Valley before strolling around all the way from MidValley to The Gardens and back to MidValley again and to Gardens again to finally settled down to have some dessert

Durian Cendol
Recommended by ~da Foxy~ Not bad not bad... 4/5 rated

Had dinner with ~B~ at Jalan Alor
So many stalls that we finally decided to make a stop at this shop... (tak tau the nama lar)

The shop we stopped at~
Very nice~
Love the belacan grilled fish~

Then headed to GreenBox with ~B~ till 1+am. Gosh... could hardly find our way out then, the whole Sungei Wang was in darkness and emptiness that we thought we were in some zombie movie scene.. >,<

Went back to Jalan Alor for chicken wings for supper.. XD

Oh, by the way, it was already 16th May, our first anniversary.. >_<>


Woke up late, so had a brunch with ~B~ at Gasoline at Times Square
Had a haircut there later on

As usual, nothing else to do when you’re in a shopping mall besides eating/yum cha there,
we wander around and window shopping before sending ~B~ back to Singapore... : (

Then mai catch up with Mr Kenson Kwee, another gossip/bitching buddy of mine, at Pavilion.

Banyak membabisai punya Kenson

Then had lunch...or dinner? Tea?
Nevermind, had our meal at Wong Kok Restaurant

While enjoying the meal, as usual, catching up with each other side of stories, crapping, etc are what we would be doing all the time.

Later in late evening, went to mua buddy “Foxy’s” place

The Foxy i meant
(another one suka membabisai)

Just before that we went to KFC trying out the new Black Pepper Chicken..
Guess what, that would be my first and last time taking them...
Still prefer the classic spicy ones..

There was the first time meeting Aaron Keefer, Daren’s Keefer’s cousie


Ahhh~~!!! The two Keefers i tell you... Can get all crazy and crap a lot, talk non-stop like nobody’s business!! Sometimes till my cheekbones in pain for laughing the whole session with them...
~Wild Bitches~ XD

Once back to Daren’s place,
there again we had another non-stop chatter throughout the whole night till we ZZzzzzz...

Day 4:

Had brunch with the Fox nearby before back to the “Foxy Cave”.

I just love the dogs around his house...
as i’ve always wanted to have dogs too in my own house but parents don’t let
lor. They’d seem to make your house livelier...
how nice

Sien Sien dei in daytime
resorted to have this
homemade Milo Iceblended XD

Nothing much lor, chit chat, talk talk, every now and then, play Xbox 360, till in the evening again we went out with Aaron to Momo, a Japanese Steamboat i guess...?

Momo Steamboat

Together we crap again,
till 3-hours long that anyone of us could hardly notice the time pass that quick.

Then, balik rumah, tidur lor

~The Fox Cave~

~The Fox in the Cave~ LOL

Day 5:

Had this famous Ban Mee with the “Wild Bitch Fox” that he claimed use to had it since schooling time. Nice ah~ Not bad not bad... Hmmm...I’d give it 4.5/5.

This is the other recommendation,
just okok la~

Oh, during the day,
he got a call from MAS that he’s been accepted in the air cabin crew training soon... Cool~ Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for has come...
*I want free/rebate air ticket from you next time~~* XD

Then horh, we got back home and watch Mi Love Concert DVD and her interview videos. Arrrrhhh~ our all time fav idol~!!!

Then arh? Meeting Aaron again lor, for a short session of yum cha at Old Town Kopitiam
before i was sent to KTM heading back to Ipoh...

So there.....

...there goes the 5 days that i’ve been waiting for since the day i locked up myself in Kampar, flipping through my notes, pulling my hair every now and then in stress.

Looking back then and seeing what im doing now really makes me feel time is ticking like nobody’s business...
Time really flies

And im gonna say hello to my new semester already in barely 2weeks to go...

So fast for what~!!!


-Kenson- said...

so many good photo of me u don't want to choose, but this chubby one?!

DarenKeefer said...

u more wild bitch than me lor~~~hahahahaaa~~
btw, i miss the chattin and crappin time with u jor~~~lolx

count astaroth said...

barely 2 weeks??enjoy the holidays while u still can!!XD

jackychan said...

OMG so nice i wan go shopping n eat aso xD

eliza natsuko said...

KL!! well, i strongly believe tht location does not matter when we're with friends! :D


Mi rocks :)

~eRiC~ said...

Kenson: how i know wor... that wa once as your profile pic mer...

Daren: wahhhhh, see who's talking now... perhaps aaron is more WB than us?XD
yea, chat frm day to night,nevermind, lets go for the trip this year end~

Count: you too~ =]

jacky: go lar, u also holiday-ing what now... XD

Eliza: true true... with whom you're going does matter most...

Leu: i know, u're another big fan of her..

Ericsoft said...

wah!!sai lou so syok le go a lot of places wo...woo somemore watch sammi concert dvd...betul ke DVD? LOL...hahaha~!

Chris said...

Oh? Where r u now?
I tott u studying in KL?

~eRiC~ said...

Dailou: yea, it's a DVD... original friend's one... not the one u gave me.. haha

Chris: im currently back in Ipoh... i study in Kampar ler... not KL... how pathetic

fufu said...

oh... i wanna try that cendol!!! >< it's torturing me >< i dont wanna wait until next year summer T.T

Shiuji said...

your life have been so wonderful in KL... NICE!!!

Kenzo said...

welcome to KL~! XD

Ericsoft said...

ic enjoy la watch again yr icon hahaha~!u watch how many times cho?i think more 10 times liao wakakaka~!

~eRiC~ said...

Fufu: can't u find any cendol there? make it your own la...tahan first... XD

Roy: Yours not bad too in Spore..

Kenzo: Thanks, and im back to Ipoh liao~

Dailou: err, i think i watch 547293798572 times dy... lol

Chris said...

Oic.. Kampar also not far from Ipoh..

~eRiC~ said...

Chris: yea, 40minutes drive only~ ^^