Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sense of Pride

Well, I always have this sense of pride for being an Ipohite. Hehehe
It's well known for its food haven recognition, magnificent view of limestones surrounding the city, and for its well known talent breed ground with many famous people belonging to this very land all called home.
But some say its a dead town, its only meant for retirees and old folks.

Nevertheless of late, you can see Ipoh's booming developments, many projects are taking place, food franchises keep coming in namely Domino's Pizza, A&W, Burger King,Wong Kok, crowd of people swarming into almost every eating outlets, shopping malls, cinemas, sometimes even on weekdays =.=", traffic jams almost a common scene in most parts of the city, more night clubs are opening.
So yeah, says who Ipoh's dead?!!

Besides, Ipoh has produced many household brand names such as....

"Sao mak fah sang" LOL.
Ngan Yin/Cap Tangan groundnuts
founded since 1975
from Menglembu

Old Town Coffee
It's always Ipoh = White Coffee

The origin of Old Town White Coffee...
Nam Heong Coffee Shop
the most genuine white coffee you can ever get in Ipoh since 1958
Grandpa's and my favourite hangout for breakfast. XD
Not to mention many other famous food you can hardly get anywhere else, besides Penang la, which i think it's Ipoh's rival for food haven. XD
Always feel how blessed i am to be born here, having been fed with good food while growing up here whereas people from outside dying to stop by for the food here traveling all the way from afar. But i eat dou mm eat lor (eat until i don't feel like eating sometimes) haha...
Okay, okay, too sombong dy the way i write until.. Hehe...
Nehmind nehmind (nevermind)...
moving on...

Meanwhile, talking about famous people...
The famous Ipohites are...

Michael Wong (光良)
Taiwan based singer/composer
Used to see his parents at Nam Heong, heard he'd be back for Christmas usually attending St Michael's Church Christmas mass, wonder if i would be seeing him this year since I'm performing for Christmas there. XD
From SMK Sam Tet

Michelle Yeoh
Miss Malaysia World 1983, well known of her martial arts stunts, former Bond girl, one of the most successful Hollywood's Asian stars (highest paid female action star ever), voted as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People Mag in 1997.
Having her name on Hollywood Walk of Fame and her wax figure erected in Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong can't make us anymore prouder.
Used to bump into her around in town, very down to earth and nicest personality i've ever seen in a superstar like her. Kudos!
From SMK Main Convent

She must be a common face you always see on TV or big screen especially if you watch TVB drama series.
Zhu Mi Mi (朱咪咪)
a veteren actress in Hong Kong TVB
Love watching her coz she's funny shit!! XD
She just came back here last few weeks ago, raising fund for her alma mater
From SMJK Yuk Choy

Angie Cheung Wai Yee (張慧儀)
Another familiar face from Hong Kong TVB
Former beauty queen, Miss Chinese International Malaysia 1992
If you don't recall her face coz she has been out of the industry scene for quite a long time after suffering from domestic violence from her ex-hubby, then recall Journey to the West (西游记) as she portrayed as the Spider Spirit (Ji Zhu Jing) in Part I and Snake Spirit (Sheh Jing) in Part II
Not so sure about her education background though, but her huge bungalow is just nearby my house area only.. hehe... her sister gets spotted shopping around sometimes.
As Snake Spirit in Journey to the West II, remember mou???

Amber Chia
Malaysia very first Supermodel, finalist for Guess Watch's brand ambassador Contest
Was born in Ipoh but later raised in Sabah
But still part of Ipoh right?
Still an Ipohite right? XP

Come to sports world....

Once World's No. 1 badminton Men's double players
Lee Wan Wah & Choong Tan Fook

Country's Top Female Badminton player
Wong Mew Choo

Currently World's badminton second seeded men's double
Khoo Kien Kiet
Oh, this one i know,
From St Michael's Institution
(My alma mater marr) XD

Back to local celebs....

The ever sharp tongue and bold comedian/actor
Patrick Teoh
From St Michael's Institution

Bernard Chauly
Director for Goodbye Boys, Gol & Gincu,
and several other well known movies and TV series
From St Michael's Institution

Mano Maniam
Acted in several local series,
Once the local favourite Kopitiam sitcom is one of them
From SMK ACS Ipoh

Ipoh-born Josephine Fonseka
Former beauty queen, Miss Malaysia Universe 1970
her daughter Andrea Fonseka following her footstep,
crowned as Miss Malaysia Universe 2004,
now a renowned actress in Media Corp Singapore
Andrea's becoming sexier and hotter ever since she signed to become Marie France ambassador <3
Don't you agree? Compare to her debut during the 2004 pageant

A very talented
Afdlin Shauki
Neh, he also acted
in the latest season of
Phua Chu Kang as "Bobo".

Amy Mastura
Pop singer cum actress
From SMK Main Convent

Tedd Chan (曾国珲)
Rise to stardom from Astro Talent Quest 2005

Ok lar, lazy to post anymore... Hehe, i think that's all
Still got many more, but they're not really that well known...
Amazing right? Who would have known so many talented and beautiful famous people all belong to this very land. So Ipoh's rocks!!! Not so dead i tell you...
So yeah, this post may be seen too egoistic/sombong/berlagak in writing, but heck cares,
Sense of Pride marrrrr

P/S: Due to some HTML error, this post looks rather dull. No colours and bold/enlarged wordings.. Due to my time constraint for i have my thesis to write, i shall leave it just as it is.. Millions of apologies.. XP


Justb3cks2 said...

Eat eat don't scare get fat ah?

-kenson- said...

jacklyn victor?

Ash Godiva said...

conclusion from your post that i noticed,got many leng chai's and leng lui's from ipoh:D

ipoh famous for limau bali also izit?

Ben - Chee Lupp said...

yahooo for Ipoh!!!!

eliza natsuko said...

i'm so gonna try the original old town!
more night clubs? where? where? i wanTT XD

~eRiC~ said...

Just Beck: i hope i can get slightly "fatter" too..

Kenson: jaclyn victor is from kepong la, but vick teo from same batch as jac from idol is from ipoh..

Ash: yea, famous for leng chai leng lui lor.. XD
yes, limau bali, pomelo...

Ben: yeah~ Hooo~ XD

Eliza: owh, you should, dont go on weekends, you've to wait for seats.. :)
Night clubs ar? er, i think they are mushrooming behind jusco area there. i saw a few new ones, very nice from the outside it seems. but not so sure about the names wor.. haha

shane said...

i love ipoh :)

~eRiC~ said...

Shane: Cool..... you've been to Ipoh meh...