Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Singapura Oh Singapura

Well, it's not that bad after all.. nah, it's Singapura. Nothing much different from KL. Just that here is so much efficient, cleaner, safer and everything seemed fast, including the escalator!! (got teased by ~B~ and Siew Yee aka ikan bakar over the "escaclator incident"). Here you can see kids cycling around residential area, people walking around late at night without fear. If you were to be in KL, you would have been robbed/slashed/raped numerous of times in the dark.

Was exploring the City of Lion since last Sunday once reached. Went to Ochard for whole stretch of shopping malls around including Ion Mall, Wisma Atrium, etc, (cant remember. A few more Malls), Chinatown, Tampines, etc. Shop till i dropped liao. Going to broke soon.

I would say some of the clothes here are cheaper than in Malaysia. Bought 2 pieces of tops from G200 2 days ago. Thanks to Colin for his belt, so i dont need to buy one. XD

Day 1: Went shopping and eat.

Day 2: Shopping again, bowling, met new friend, Colin (a very new nice friend) and got a haircut from ~B~'s hairdresser. I find it a little too short but ~B~ likes it. Siew Yee says "
aiya, you cut or don't cut still look kiddy" =.=

Day 3: Went Jurong Bird's Park since Colin gave us free tickets. Thanks again ^^
Was brought around to guide me how to get to the place for my internship at Science Park II. I was like.... @.@ Damn far
wei, from the place i stay..... Later then, went Vivo Mall for dinner, had Carl's Jr (So filling)... Didnt go for movie in the end for having too long a journey in a day. ~Tiring~

Day 4: Since ~B~ has to go to work today, so, went out with Siew Yee aka "smilling fish". Had Sakae Sushi at Compass Point Mall. How nice of her to treat me... ^^
Fupei, weeeee. yummy.. i got Sakae ler~. Jeffrey and you were right, Sakae is so much nicer than Sushi King. Well, dont think im 38 that now only i got to try Sakae Sushi, it's just that i've just started to like eat Japanese Food this year okay! Thanks to you friends in Kampar for bringing me to such food. Im already used to it now XD. Japanese food was a big NONO before this.)
After that, we went Swensen's for ice cream since she's got promotion voucher buy 1 get 1 free. Had Choco Crunch Ice Cream. The choc was heaven. =P

Tomorrow: Going around with Siew Yee again. She says going to bring me to temple, maybe Orchard Road and Chinatown again. Anyway, she did say wanna bring me clubbing in S'pore... wonder when...

Might go for karaoke session, movies, Sentosa etc for the following weekends

Below are pics for Day3 at Jurong Bird's Park

~B~'s fav pic

Penguins!!!!!!!!!!!! I love penguins. they're so cute~

The Flamingos

One of the many thousands of flower species in the park

Pelican (Pelicans can fly as high as 46times taller than The Statue of Liberty. How amazing!)

The Pink Cockatoos!! (The colours matched look so gay right.. LOL. We called it The Gay COCK-a-too) XD

~B~: Ohh, dar, look... looks like you.... Hello Eric~ *Snap*

The African Wetlands (If im not wrong)

Largest Man-made waterfall

Carl's Jr Chicken Club. (Urrgghhh, im craving for their potatoes! Their fries!!Their burgers are huge. McD thumbs down!!)

That's the rap... Just got back from Compass Point with Siew Yee. Waiting for ~B~ to knock off from work only then go dinner together later.... ^^

Oh yea, since that PHOO PAY PAY aka FOO PEI PEI requested to get her name mentioned in this post, i would just do this. LOL
Ok done. Big big one for you... haha.


fuzpeiz said...

wow..tat penguin is as cute as me weii..
they shud put me there instead for display..feed me fat fat...
i will look better than those clumsy penguin lo..
my name is foopeipeiiii horrrrrrrr

Ericsoft said... bro u now start work there?or just go for fun?...wah i want to go le Sakae...didnt take some pic when eating sushi lol....Penguin!?woo...this little animal recall back one of friend haha...but ot cute at all..not u pei pei lol

pei sin said...

wow, seem so fun over there...*jealous*

ichimaru akira said...

U shuld go to Tanjung pagar. There's a lot of gay clubs there/


good to knw tat u have been enjoying urself~ coz ur blog is so deserted and dusty already~

Just B3cks said...

Agree with L :P btw, nice to hear you are enjoying urself too.

Anonymous said...

hahaha clubbing?i dun tink so its ikan's cup of tea..spore is obviously soo much better den msia!


kpy said...

Dropping by :) The cockatoos are so cuuuuuuuuute ^_^ eh go to Singapore zoo also...very nice...

erictbk said...

fupei: yea, u will be like one big fat penguin that will not move an inch standing still there.

dailou:yea, starting on monday.hah

peisin: no need jealous. you also sure will have fun.. ^^

ichimaru: oh... hah, i dont really go clubbing..

Leumas: haha.. now im back!

JustBeck: thanks.. XD

hc: then sydney sure much better ler~ Yea, clubbing is so not her thingy. she went there kap zhai only.. LOL

kpy: yea, might be going to the zoo this weekend.. hehe

Shiuji said...

wa...u do so many things ard...come tampines dont find me... fine...=.=

Derek said...

Haha .. I am here in Sg so long also haven't been to Jurong Bird Park ... say until now still haven't go lol

Glad you're enjoying yourself here. Clubbing here not much different from KL le.

count anone said...

i'm cuter than those penguins hahaha!(SS)

成亿 said...

haha, btw, how's work? tough?

erictbk said...

Roy: Ahem... ello~ u were working lorhh..

Derek: Hah. i think if not for the free tickets we wouldnt have gone either.. ;)

count anone: oh, really? then you should be displayed at the penguins aquarium.. XD

Sengaik: hah.. tomorrow only start work ler~