Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Working On It!!! long has it been taking me to complete this song?
First of all, i have this problem that my song compositions always tend to sound like chinese pop. I just dont know why. Remember the very first song i composed was when i were er...13years old? I played it on the piano to my teacher & she was a little shocked, sorta, because i admit i wasnt good in piano that time as in exams (borderline marks), giving me compliments and all while she did try to put some touch here & there to make it sounds better...Oooh, it was encouraging, especially when you know you always scored not so good marks in exams and somebody liked your compositions and giving compliments and stuffs like that.& there i start to go kick some asses...
Since then i've been jotting down the notes and melody lines whenever a tune starts playing in my head.If there's no papers or pen i'd quickly get to my piano and keep playing it till it stuck to my head or i'd keep humming the tune till i get to jot them down. Sometimes i'd use a recorder or with my mobile phone to record my pieces.
But now realising that all of my pieces actually sounded a lil like chinese pop songs is giving me a question mark. Is it a good thing considering i dont know chinese. I mean of course a song has to come with lyrics right? So who will pen those chinese lyrics down? Or pen it in english or malay?with the song sounded like chinese?Hmmm...ya...can also la...Ok settled.
When comes to penning lyrics, it's giving me a hard time too...Just cant get the flow sometimes...Always stuck halfway or sometimes when it's completed but when i sing it out a few times, i'd go "er, it doesnt sound nice afterall, sux" and i cancel everything and get back to the start and rethink all over again...or maybe i set myself to high?or lack of inspirations/confidence?But thanks to you-know-who-you-guys-are who bought me a book for my birthday!!It's>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yet to really go through it though...but hope it helps. Anyway, im now currently working on a song that i think it suits better with a guitar. That's why im picking up a guitar on my own now (since january)...
Till then, tomorrow it's gonna be a quite important day for interesting one.
Hopefully it'll turn out well. Gonna tell you what it is soon... XD

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