Monday, September 22, 2008

Gua Tempurung

There we go, the largest limestone cave in Penisula Malaysia!!!What an experience, especially with this group of craazy people i've met for the last few months ago. They're a whole lot of fun bunch of people. Of coz counting in a few of my ex-schoolmates there, Fupei, Venodh, & Bernard. But Kumara should have come with us. He got exams on that very day...

This piece of stone in the middle of Kampar and Ipoh, in the state of Perak, Malaysia, has been standing for the last 14millions of years ago. It was really long, more than 3km making it the longest& largest one in Penisula Malysia.

Firstly, we went through a stream in the cave stretching over 1.5km running through a few mountains. Phew, that was tiring. Quite some of physical strength is needed too. we had to crawl under some passageway along the steam, climb up the stones, slide down the slopes, i mean really steep one. Plus it was very dark all over the place without your torchlights. So we kinda help each other out when meet some of these challenges.

There was quite a few times the tour guide left many of us behind, way back behind. don't know why the heck he walked that fast as he should be explaining to us about every corner of the cave. But nevermind, we didnt get lost. but felt kinda lost that time. coz it was so dark. Adventurous what!!

Somehow it reminded me of 'The Descent', the show about a group of visitors to a cave where lived a bunch of flesh-eating creatures. They got lost in the middle of the cave and each and everyone kept bumping into these horrible creatures and got killed. Haha. Don't be silly, Of course we don't have such thing in Gua Tempurung. But how fun and adventurous it would be if there's such thing heh?crazy.....

After all the climbing and crawling we climd up the damn long staicase up and down around the cave!!!Bernard got acrophobia (fear of height). Was so scared of him got fainted halfway down the damn long staircases. Well, along the staircase, there were so many breath-taking scenery of these spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. Wonder how great and beautiful mother nature can be. Amazing, amazing.

Many of these stones formed into many imaginary shapes and sculptures naturally in millions years of time.

Like this one below. Look at the blue circled area. It's said to be a lady with long hair with the back facing outside. And it's said when you see at the side, the 'lady' is actually 'pregnant'. That's what they called The Pregnant Lady. Freaky huh? but amazing.

All i can say is the trip was awesome. It was the most memorable experience ever with this whole bunch of people i've met in U so far.

Gotta watch this video to see how crazy and insane they can be!!! ^^


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