Monday, September 22, 2008

On Monday Night.....

We drove all the way to Ipoh TGV again from Kampar to catch a movie.It was th new version of Halloween, by Rob Zombie. So many scenes of horrifying brutal murder in the show, i would kindly advise to those who has faint hearted not to go for this show. At first you will feel sick and disturbed by the scenes. There were some censored parts. I believe those could be even worse.

Here's the spoiler.SPOILER!!Do Not Proceed If You Do not Wish To Know The Plot!!!
It is about a troubled little 10 year old child who got disturbed for being brought up in a dysfunctional family that led him one day killed all his family members in a horrific and merciless way except his mother whom loves him so much. Later on, his mother killed herself for not being able to accept the fact that her child is insane. Some 15 years later, this child still has not been healed although being in assylum and treated by a psychiatrist for 15years until the psychiatrist gave up on him. The story proceeds with more and more brutal murders when this grown up psycho kid broke free from the assylum. He killed almost everybody who's in his way.He is actually back for his sister whom was just a baby he did not kill 15years ago.The rest you oughta watch for yourself.

Ok no more spoiler here.But i find that show quite ridiculous in some parts. It makes the show look stupid. Illias pun tak boleh tahan. Keep mumbling and grumbling next to me "climb up la" , "shoot la" , "run la" , "stupid" , "yor,why all girls are so stupid one!" all the way towards the end of the show. hahahaha. gee.....cant imagine how stupid some parts of the show can be. really ridiculous. the huge-size murderer is so invulnerable that so many firegun shot at him and stabs being stabbed, yet he can still be so strong and keep on hunting for his victims. Yes, it sounds like the Incredible Hulk some sort but afterall he's only a human being. Doesnt make sense.

Well, after the show, it was goin to 11pm. 4 of us went ahead to Metro Ipoh behind Jusco for supper, yes, 4 only, without Fiona this time (f5-1?). fiona, you should have come with us la.....sigh...we felt incomplete la. haha, but we took the opportunity to tease at you at times. wuahahaha. Tze Tzu.....
Our supper comprises of our breakfast,lunch and dinner.All at once!!since 4 of us did not take any meals for the whole day. Starving like mad!!
Satay ayamOh Jian ( Fried oyster with eggs) *slurrp, slurrp*
Prawn Mee, Dai Look Min (Big Mee), Gai Si Hoh Fun (Chicken Koayteow Soup), Fried Mee, etc.....
Food, food, food, & food.....

Just right after finishing the food, rain comes, damn it...luckily we managed to clear all up just in time except for 2 more cucuk of satay that i cabut along with while running under the rain towards the car. XD

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