Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Last Steamboat.....

Exams are over, it's time to play and spend the very last few days with friends around before everyone leaving for their respective hometown.

So that day we decided to do steamboat at fiona house (Again!) for the last time for this year.It's just the same as the first and second time, we went Tesco to get food and drinks, with Tom Yum soup again (coz we just like Tom Yum), and also we couldnt finish all the food in a day(just like the first time we had it when we had to have the left over for the next day), so we did the steamboat twice;did it the following day.

We did try to get lesser food this time as we thought we'd learn a lesson during our first time but it seemed to be not. Still we had extra left. XD Nevermind, at least we saved $$ for dinner for the next day. Thanks to Liyi for her reccomendation for the Tom Yum paste. Tasted a lot much better than before!! ^^
Have not had so much fun before together with them. before this, after meal, all of us would have something to do, had to get back earlier, be it unfinished assignments, tutorial questions, lab reports or lab preparation or exams. but this time we seem so free, so relax, nothing to worry, like there's no goal or target everyday. After the meal, we hanged around at the lakeside, chit chatting, taking pics (camwhore?), till 3-4 am. XD

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