Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why Give It A Damn??!!!!!

Why do some people just like to judge other by its cover? As if they have no flaws? At all?
Can’t they just shut the fuck up and do whatever they should but judging people? Hypocrites, hypocrites, these people are just hypocrites sometimes. They never know the existence of mirror to reflect themselves. Well, nobody is perfect, ok? Ok, maybe you may say yea, I know my flaws, I don’t deny it but I’m just giving opinion about other people ones. So what’s the problem? So I’m gonna say, just keep your bloody mouth shut and keep it to yourself!!! No one would ever call you a dumb ass if you don’t utter a single word from your bloody mouth. Those words are only deteriorating one’s self-esteem. Nothing else but pulling a person down, especially if those things aren’t true.

Well, maybe there’s something wrong in me. And that’s why I’m quite particular about that (don’t ask, it’s just that) and a lil’ too sensitive, and took it a lil’ too seriously sometimes. But what the hell!!! Why should I give it a damn!!! If I’m like that, that’s what I am. Who cares!!!Why do you care?!Well, you think it’s funny? Who are you to give me such names? Define me? As long as I know what I’m doin’ is right. & I don’t believe there’s no one who will not appreciate me. I don’t need to change myself to please anyone. If you don’t like it, stay the hell out of my way.

When I’m mad I hardly show it out. Nobody will have a clue if I’m mad at anyone. But it will just pass by and gone very fast. It won't bug me long (thank God), I forget easily. I just don’t keep grudge. If I hate someone, I would rather stop mixing with that fella, or just talk less to him/her. I don’t know, that’s just me. Just find it wasting of my time and life for having the hatred/grudge lingering in me. Why would I give up a minute of happiness of mine for someone like that? I’ve been giving advice to my friends whenever they’re down to see things in a different angle that it will make a difference. Even if it’s a sad thing but just think of it in a different perception, you can take notice of something good about it, even a slight one will do. Believe me, it works, but it’s not easy at all. I’ve been holding this principle all this while, there were times when some of my friends come up to me telling me that they’re jealous of me coz I seem so problem-free sorta person. Nah, it’s just the outer shell of me. You’ll never know what’s inside it. And of course i always tell myself to see things in a different way, in other words, just be optimistic. No problems can't be not fixed.It's all depends on oneself, whether you want it or not, if there's a will, there's a way. If you want it that way, that's the way it is. If failed, have guts to get up and carry on with whatever it is. You are the one controlling your own life. Not others. But i agree sometimes we just can’t help it, it’s just go out of our control. And there i go to express my feelings out by talking to someone, someone I trusted or blog it out like now. At least feel a lil much better...

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