Friday, July 10, 2009



Just cant help it laughing when i heard about it..
It's about Yee Leng aka "Momma"


Guess what
When i first saw this, i thought it was...

ok nevermind... look at this first>>>>
What do you think of is blocking her?

At first thought, i thought it's her friends who blocked her in MSN.

but few more days later (which was last night) Pei pei came to tell me.....

Pei2: Mwahahahahah...... siu sei ngo (laugh till i die).... you know what.. yee leng got blocked

Me: huh? by what?

Pei2: i cant stop laughing.. she got blocked by Facebook for being mistaken for spamming coz she has been sending 50 comments in every single post of other people!!! to people's pictures and all.... Imagine how many comments she could have dropped in a day!!! hahahahahhahaha

Me: *cant stop laughing dy*

Then i went back to check on her previous shoutout on facebook.... only to realised that she was actually begging sorry and promise to be good to Facebook for not blocking her anymore... ahahhaha.... Pity pity...... poor her..........

Sumore still she claimed herself for being happening to comment around the world of facebook wor... hahaha... tak mengaku salah pulak lagi

Kepoh lagi lar Chong Yee Leng.. kesian lar u...
hehe, dont mind me blog about it horrh?

Not knowing such thing could have happened..
Anyone knows how to fix for her? like contact facebook???


成亿 said...

haha...u blogged about it ah? dun worry la, she seldom read ppl blog 1 so she wont find out bout it...i think...

Shiuji said...

haha.. comment above 50times will get block? then i stop comment too much in a day le... haha

really or not?

pei sin said...

lol...can get block for too much comment one funny...

fuzpeiz said...

i will tell her u blogged bout her..
den let her kill u..weeeeeeeeeee

erictbk said...

Sengaik: hahaha, i dont mind even if she finds out..haha

Shiuji: yeala, that's u, u better not..haha

Peisin: haha, i pun pertama kali dengar such thing

Fuzpei: tell lor, im not afraid...haha