Monday, July 27, 2009

Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad

The departure of her did not only felt by fellow Malaysians, but Singaporeans too.
These are the works left behind by the legendary Yasmin Ahmad in the country's and international's film industry.

You can see how beautifully,sincerely yet creatively her stories are being told.....

Ads for campaigns by the Singapore's Community Development, Youth and Sports Ministry


Red Shoes

Ads in conjunction with Malaysian's Independence Day

Children in love


Few of her most outstanding films ever made acclaimed internationally





pei sin said... supportive of you ah...anyway internet line damn slow nowadays, sorry couldn't watch them...but basically know what you wanted to show...

fuzpeiz said...

will u pay tribute to me when i passed away????

RoN said...

thanks for the videos. The video "funeral" is really a good one, so as "race?". =')

Clayden L. said...

loved the vids! :D

tho maybe i might've been too westernized to think her movies lacked of.. soundtrack.

erictbk said...

Peisin: of course, i love to watch her films... sob

Fupei: CHOY!!!

Ron: exactly... ^^ Thanks for droppin by

Clayden: yea, in a way it's a lil too quiet, but i like it... haha

Small-Ugly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Small-Ugly said...

i miss her...

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