Sunday, July 26, 2009

WhY?! wHy?!! WhY??!!!

Okay... i am not in any mood to do anything upon receiving a shocking news that one of our most prominent film director has just passed away... She suffered a stroke a few days ago but unfortunately she couldnt make it.

Remember not long ago, how she talked to me, how she joked around, how she laughed, how humble she is really in a person..... Such a gifted person i have ever met..... The memory is now replaying in my head.....

Though she has been criticised by certain quarters for their misinterpretation of her films but still she carries on whatever she believes in, continue sincerely conveying the messages about the harmony, love, multiracial interactions, etc, and now we only get to know we will never ever see her telling remarkable stories again. She is one of the very few local film director i admired. Her films are also one of the very few local productions that i would never fail to watch. And that she has proven that local productions can go really far by winning international accolades and awards.

R.I.P. Yasmin Ahmad

~Lets say a little prayer for her~
We will remember you and thank you for the marvelous jobs you have ever done.

She is a critically-acclaimed multi-international awards wining director, writer and scriptwriter.

It is always her works which are so heart-capturing and showing the reality of being in a multiracial society that no any other directors would have dared to do it which has won the hearts both from within Malaysia and internationally.Huge respect for her courage.

Sepet, alone has won her international accolades and awards, the Grand Prix at the Creteil International Women’s Film Festival in France. The film also was picked as the Best Asian Film award at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Since then, her following film, Gubra has also won her the Grand Prix from the Kinderfilmfest International Jury and a Generation K-Plus Crystal Bear Special Mention at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival, one of the top three film festivals in the world.

And her latest film, Talentime, has been nominated for this year’s Tokyo International Film Festival. The festival will be held from Oct 17 to 25.
Her passing has seriously left a deep void in me.


adrian~ said...

she just left you a note dear eric..will you carry on her legacy by being her successor? does leave a deep void in me although i not a good fan of her..i do like her starring in local movies..when i watched sepet for the very 1st moved me. Well,its hard to say goodbye!

类私理 Lesly said...

Her death really a BIG lost for all the Malaysian!!!

成亿 said...

another talented soul departed from us...

Devil said...

Its not Gubra that won her rand Prix from the Kinderfilmfest International Jury and a Generation K-Plus Crystal Bear Special Mention at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival. Its Mukhsin.